Results of the Phase 3 Traffic Calming Ballot

The votes were checked and counted by Frances Laville, Parish Clerk and Jenny Jullien, Chairman and validated against the Electoral Register. There are 1,272 people on the register of whom 500 voted, 39%.
Of the 500 votes cast;

  • 182 voted YES, 36%
  • 290 voted NO, 58%
  • 28 votes cast were invalid.

Therefore, phase 3 of the traffic calming scheme will not be implemented.
Thank you to everyone who took part in the ballot.  Jenny Jullien – Chairman, Haslingfield Parish Council

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  1. Paul Munro
    Paul Munro says:

    Fanastic news and now the effort and focus can be applied to the parking on the bend near the school. Approaching a bend on the wrong side of the road is more dangerous than the “terrifying speed” (to use a phrase one yes hump voter used) of cars travelling in the village! The bend should be a simple issue and car parking parents should realise their parking is dangerous and inconsiderate. Change parking habits or lets have some action NOW.

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