Haslingfield Parish Council consists of a group councillors (up to a maximum of 11) who are elected by the villagers.  Councillors are just villagers who volunteer to help to organise the village and make it a nice and safe place to live and work.

We also have a clerk who does all the administration work.  The clerk is not a councillor (and therefore cannot vote) and is an employee of the council.

The Parish Council has various meetings, but the main meetings are held once per month, on the second Monday of the month, usually at Haslingfield Village Hall.  Meetings are mainly open to the public unless there is a special reason not to (often the privacy of a person involved).  Members of the public can listen to what is being discussed and, under some circumstances, comment with permission of the Chairman.

At the start of most meetings, there is a time for members of the public to speak on any subject.  This time is limited to five minutes per person.  If you would like something to be discussed at a meeting, please contact the clerk so that it can be added to the agenda.  This allows other villagers to know that it is going to be discussed and come to the meeting if they wish.

Please get in touch if there is something wrong or you want to know about what is happening.  We are always willing to listen to suggestions/ideas.