Parish Council Newsletter



The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday May 19th at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. The business of the evening will be followed by a talk by Peter Laws, Head of the Lower School at Comberton Village College


Parish Emergency Plan

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council have a duty to prepare an Emergency Plan, to deal with incidents that could arise threatening injury or serious disruption to significant numbers of people in the region. The Parish Council in turn are required to have their own Emergency Plan in place to support the County and District Councils, or to deal with an incident within the village.

Whilst many incidents would be dealt with by the emergency services; (fire, police and ambulance), the local Emergency Team would work with them to provide specific support for local residents. For instance, if the village was cut off by floods and snow, it would coordinate support for old and vulnerable people, or if a major incident resulted in residents being excluded from their homes, it would coordinate temporary accommodation for them.

The Parish Emergency Plan includes details of local residents who have specific skills; (for instance medical skills which would be vital in the case of multiple injuries), and also details of equipment and services that could be required; (such as generators which would be required in the event of long-term power loss). If you have skills or equipment that you think could be useful in the case of an emergency, please contact the Parish Emergency Officer, Tony Adcock, on 870708 or e-mail

The Parish Emergency Team consists of six local residents, who are responsible for maintaining the plan on behalf of the Parish Council, and who meet quarterly. If you would like to join the team, or just find out more about it, please contact Tony Adcock.   Tony Adcock

The Village Hall

The Village Hall continues to be a popular venue for both Haslingfield residents and residents from nearby villages. Regular user groups range from the Art Circle to Yoga and private bookings from children’s parties to weddings. The income from the regular user groups and the private bookings gives us enough income to ‘run’ the village hall with enough left over to make small changes/improvements. Last year we had the Village Hall deep cleaned and this year we plan to have parking bays in the car park properly marked out, including two for the disabled.

We are also in the process of obtaining quotes to refurbish the changing rooms and toilets; the Parish Council is funding this.

Last year a new committee was formed since members of the previous committee felt that they had done it for long enough. Thanks to them for their efforts. The new team includes four Parish Councillors, Ron Van der Hoorn as the Chairman, assisted by Tony Adcock, Trina Backhurst and Jenny Jullien. We meet every two months with representatives from most of the user groups.

Although we have a healthy income from the bookings, we are always looking for more. If we were to increase bookings our aim would be to make further improvements to the Hall and decrease the fees.

If you would like to make a booking please contact Christine Tod (870247) or if you’d like to hear more or become a member of the User Group Committee please contact Jenny Jullien (872848 –    Jenny Jullien


A great deal of time and money ensured that we now have an excellent amenity in our village. Unfortunately there has been a lot of antisocial behaviour there recently and this has meant that many of our young people have stopped using the park.

The police are fully aware of all that has been happening. They have spoken to the people concerned, who appear to have taken the warning seriously, and we hope that this is the end of the matter.

We would now like to see all ages down there having fun, and perfecting their skills, but if anyone has any concerns, please contact the Parish Clerk.  Christine Kipping

The Connections Youth Club Bus

The bus continues to visit the village each Wednesday in term time, from 4.00pm to 6.00pm, parking in the Village Hall Car Park.

An average of 20 young people of Secondary School age visit the bus each week and they have the opportunity to take part in craft activities, play computer games or complete the weekly quiz. Often they engage in conversations with the 2 youth workers about subjects that are concerning them. These include such topics as future careers, health issues and relationship problems.

These visits are now funded by Haslingfield and Harlton Parish Councils and they provide a valuable service to the young people in our community.

Our thanks must be given to the 5 volunteers who man the Tuck Shop each week – without their help we would need to pay for an additional Youth Worker.

The 75 Bus

We are assured that the service will not cease without substitute arrangements. A member of the County Council Transport team came to a well-attended village consultation meeting on April 16th. Stacey Miller told the meeting that there might be proposals by July and that the service would not change before September. Many comments and questions ensued regarding the need for a service. The decision to charge for the Trumpington P&R service also received criticism as a backward and unhelpful step.

Stacey also stated that new proposals would be implemented without further consultation and that they would be altered if the proposals did not work out. I asked that the proposals should be put to the users first and a show of hands was in favour of further information. As more than half of those present wanted an opportunity to discuss proposals, Stacey agreed there would be an opportunity for this. Liz Heazell, Village Bus rep.

Haslingfield and Harlton Car Scheme

The car scheme came into being because a 96 year old wanted to continue to be an active participant in the community but was scandalised by the price of taxis for local trips. Over 10 years later, we have 28 users and a further 5 clients registered for possible need.

Our 27 drivers have also helped at times of temporary difficulty for example stroke recovery or eye treatment preventing driving. A further two volunteers are considering joining us. Drivers indicate when they are available, and the Lift Co-ordinator matches users and drivers. Sometimes we book two drivers for in and back on long hospital appointments. Sometimes we supply an escort or a user can be accompanied by a friend or relative for a small extra mileage charge.

What we need at the moment are two more volunteers to act as Co-ordinators for a fortnight at a time to cover holidays .We respond to the supplied mobile phone between 9-5pm Mondays to Fridays. Please contact Liz Heazell (Chairman) on 870289 if you are interested. More users and drivers are welcome of course. Please contact Molly Helmsing on 262203 or Liz.

Bequest from the late Freddie Gellert

Freddie and Stella Gellert lived in the village for many years before their deaths. They had no children, but Freddie left some money for play equipment for our young people. So far, we have had only two replies to a C&V article asking for suggestions about what could be bought to complement the existing equipment. We need to know what YOU think. Please send your suggestions to the Parish Clerk. Christine Kipping

Road Safety Initiative

Work is continuing on the detailed design of the road traffic calming measures and draft Road Traffic Orders will be issued by CCC for an eight week public consultation period. It is still planned that the construction work will be done by Skanska in late summer, subject to the results of the consultation. Bob Branch


Villagers have probably seen the 2 new cabinets which have been installed next to the existing ones in Lilac Close and at the end of School Lane. The current schedule is that these will be connected to the fibre optic cable to Harston sometime in August/September 2014. Hence the wait is almost over to get a significant increase in connection speed.

You will need to contact your existing ISP (Internet Service Provider) to upgrade your broadband once the fibre has been connected.    Ron van der Hoorn – Broadband Champion


Chairman: Bob Branch            10 The Meadows CB23 1JD           870136

Deputy Chairman: Tina Backhurst     The Mill House, Harston Rd   871003

Tony Adcock                          8 The Meadows CB23 IJD           870708

Julie Coxall                             83 New Road CB23 1LP               872905

Lucian Hatfield                        35 Barton Road CB23 1LL                   871102

Ron van der Hoorn                 14 Moss Drive CB23 1JB               872362

Jenny Jullien                           47A The Elms CB23 1ND              872848

Christine Kipping                    1 Stearnes Yard CB23 1JA                     870227

John Offord                            33 High Street CB23 1JW             872449

Sue Watson                             49 Barton Road CB23 1LL                   871731

Parish Clerk Frances Bishop8A Barton Road CB23 1LL                  874585

South Cambs District Councillor: Robin Page, Bird’s Farm Cottage, 26 Haslingfield Rd, Barton CB23 7AG  01223 262181

Cambridgeshire County Councillor: Sebastian Kindersley, South Cambs Hall, Cambourne CB23 6EA   01767