Volunteers Cordially Invited

This Sunday (12th) we are going out again from 1.30, meeting at the Wellhouse gate with work to complete.
Jo Fullick has been doing sterling work on the ivy almost daily, but it is a long wall with still some more careful cutting to do.  This Sunday we have 5 new trees to plant in the community orchard – 4 fruit trees and a small oak.
Also to complete putting grass suppressing polythene around all the trees – this needs to be tucked down into grooves to prevent it flying away.
We still have some wooden pegs to hammer round the trees to prevent mower destruction.
It would be great to use the rotted compost that we discovered near the manor gates to put around the new trees, so this needs to be dug out and transported over the field.
Please take directions from Clive Blower and Pat Fullick on the day –they know what we have to do and how to do it.
Secateurs, Kneeling pads, garden gloves, spades, wheelbarrows, lump hammer, a neighbour or two and children. Water to drink.
Becca at the Vicarage has invited us to have tea at the vicarage at the end of our endeavours on Sunday, which is very kind.  I have explained we will be muddy and tired, but she still asks that we come round. Please kick off your shoes before going into the vicarage.
Looking forward to seeing a crowd of you all on Sunday
Many thanks in advance
Jay Cole (jaythevamper@gmail.com or 870688)
Volunteer Coordinator.